What is MACI?

The MACI (Millon Adolescent Clinical Inventory) is used primarily to evaluate troubled adolescents, and may be used for diagnostic assistance, in formulating treatment plans, and as an outcome measure. It was developed specifically for use in clinical, residential, and correctional settings.

The inventory has 160 items, making it shorter than other such tests, and it is self-administering. The terminology is at the sixth-grade reading level, and it takes approximately 20 minutes to complete the test. 

The MACI test is linked directly to a coherent theory of personality and psychopathology, significantly increasing the inventory’s interpretive value.

The MACI test consists of a total of 31 scales: Twelve Personality Patterns scales, eight Expressed Concerns Scales, seven Clinical Syndrome Scales, three Modifying Indices (which assess particular response styles), and a Validity scale. 

The twelve personality patterns parallel those of the DSM-III, III-R, and IV. The Expressed Concerns scales focus on feelings and attitudes about issues that tend to concern most troubled adolescents. The Clinical Syndromes scales assess disorders frequently seen in adolescent populations. 

As of 2006, a series of Facet Subscales oriented to the personologic/clinical domains have been added to the basic personality scales.

Interpretive reports are available at two levels of detail:

The Profile Report presents the adolescent’s scores and profile, and is useful as a screening device to identify patients that may require more intensive evaluation or professional attention.

The Narrative Report integrates both personological and symptomatic features of the patient, and are arranged in a style similar to those prepared by clinical psychologists. 

Results are based on actuarial research, Millon’s theoretical schema, and relevant DSM diagnoses within a multiaxial framework. Therapeutic implications are included.

Instructions to take the test:

  • Please check the criteria to see if you feel the need to take the test. 
  • Read the instructions and fill the consent form before taking the test. 

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