What is MCMI?

The MCMI (Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory) is given in a clinical setting when questions arise about the specific diagnosis a person may have, or to see if personality traits/characteristics are impacting their ability to cope with life and stressors. In other words, it is a psychological assessment that provides information on personality traits and psychopathology. It is intended for adults (18 and over) with at least a 5th grade reading level who are currently seeking mental health services. It is composed of 175 true-false statements that will typically take under 30 minutes to complete. It can be taken online. 

The test is brief in comparison to other personality inventories and it has a strong theoretical basis. Some psychologists prefer to give it because the administration and scoring are simple, and it is shorter than other personality tests. 

The test consists of 14 personality disorder scales and 10 clinical syndrome scales, each of which helps to determine whether the person may have a personality disorder, or a mental disorder such as depression or anxiety. 

The MCMi is not a quiz or layman’s test for everyone to take. It is a psychometric test measured according to validity scales and norms. Individuals may take the test if they have problems that hinder their interpersonal relationships and daily lives.

Instructions to take the test:

  • There are 175 statements in total. 
  • It typically takes 30-40 minutes to complete. 
  • If you find any statement applicable from the age of adolescence till now then mark it as true and if you feel that the statement is not applicable then mark it as false. 
  • There are certain statements which are related to the current scenario, so please consider the past 1 or 2 weeks while responding to them. These statements will have words like – lately, recently or few weeks ago. If the statements don’t have words like – “recently or few weeks ago” then it’s pertaining to your personality in general. 
  • It’s mandatory to respond to all the statements.
  • The responses will be sent to a clinical psychologist for her to score and make a detailed report. 
  • For adolescents and those under 18 years, consent must also be taken from their guardian, in order to take the test. 

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