Family Therapy & Counseling

What is Family Therapy?

Families often bring up the most intense emotions we experience. Each person within the family is essential and even if one member is in pain, the family as a whole will be in pain. At times seeking the assistance of a trained therapist is the wisest and most compassionate thing to do for your relationship.
Family therapy looks at the family as a single unit and aims at improving communication which is absolutely necessary for dealing with conflict and finding the appropriate solution.
The therapist assists in improving the quality of relationships by creating an environment for change.

Does your family need therapy?

Common problematic stressors that a family could face:

  • Adjusting to new economic circumstances with financial issues
  • Moving from parenting young children to parenting teens
  • Substance abuse by one or more members of the family
  • Mental health concerns or a chronic illness
  • Healing after the loss of a family member
  • Behavioural issues and academic concerns in children and adolescents
  • Separation, divorce or blended family adjustments

The goal of therapy is to strengthen family resources, by improving the unhealthy patterns of communication and to work collaboratively towards finding solutions to problems.

Benefits of therapy for the family:

Therapy provides a safe environment for family members to discuss issues. This helps families feel heard, get the opportunity to create a new vision for their lives together, and rebuild the trust and connection they may have lost. Family members learn to be responsive to others’ needs and wants.


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