Couples Therapy & Counseling

What is Couples Therapy?

Many couples feel that therapy is a waste of time, effort and money. The truth, however is that a relationship sometimes needs a third perspective.

Conflicts in relationships can stem from seemingly small issues and flare up into ugly fights. Or there might be a bigger issue that’s eating into the relationship, like infidelity, bad money habits, difficult in-laws or divergent parenting styles. At other times, couples might feel like their relationship has lost its spark, or that their separate lives are more exciting than the one they share with their partner.

In couples therapy, the focus lies on resolving specific problems affecting the relationship, as well as lessening conflict and re-establishing a loving connection between both partners.

Is therapy for you:

Couples therapy can be beneficial if:

  • There are frequent fights over the same or similar issues
  • There been a breach of trust and one or both partners are struggling to move past the incident
  • The relationship feels stale or stagnant and there is a wish to take it forward
  • One or both partners find themselves investing a lot of time and attention into things that don’t involve their significant other
  • The relationship feels strained due to a challenging situation, like a health crisis, unemployment or parenting a child with special needs
  • A couple is dealing with a major life transition such as becoming parents, children leaving home or retirement

Therapy exposes couples to a range of skills and techniques that can help them save and improve their relationship.

During therapy:

Therapy provides a safe and neutral environment where conflicts can be explored and dealt with in a respectful and understanding way. Through therapy, couples can learn skills to negotiate for change in the relationship.

Other benefits include:

  • Developing deeper and more meaningful communications within the relationship
  • Being able to deal with challenging situations together
  • Improving connection and enhancing intimacy and trust
  • Healing from a painful past

No relationship is devoid of problems. But making an effort to save the relationship proves that both partners are ready to give it a chance.


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