In a world where human interaction is of primal importance, we have somehow mastered the art of masking our real thoughts and emotions.

But every container has its own capacity. After a point, every repressed thought and every unexpressed feeling adds up and you find yourself bursting at the seams.

Unfortunately, the convenient outlets that you choose for this pent up frustration further affect each aspect of your life in an unhealthy, negative way. You feel weak and alone.

During the course of our lives, we all go through these challenges but sometimes, it gets out of hand. Yet, we don’t seek help!

It’s ironic; if your tooth hurts, you rush to the dentist immediately to get it checked before it gets serious. A stomach upset over 3 days and you take an appointment to see your physician right away. Then why hesitate to address such an essential aspect of your being? – how you think, feel and behave!

Admitting you need therapy is not a sign of weakness but a sign of strength. You are willing to let someone trained and experienced assist you in facing challenges. With guided help, you build skills and cope in healthy ways to make long term progress.

Take a deep breath. Congratulate yourself on deciding to take this first step. Accept that you are as important as every other individual in your life. Make yourself a priority.

Tanu Choksi


What is Therapy?

Therapy or Psychotherapy is not just visiting your therapist once a week to talk about your problems. It is a process of working together with your therapist to resolve unhealthy feelings, relationship issues, troublesome behaviours, faulty habits, irrational beliefs and/or somatic responses (sensations in the body).

Whether in individual, group, or family therapy, your relationship with your therapist is a confidential one. In essence, the goal of psychotherapy is to help you weather the storms of life with a greater sense of calmness and confidence so that you can continue to grow and evolve.

How Therapy helps?

You get an opportunity to change self-destructive behaviours and habits, resolve painful feelings, improve your relationships, value yourself and much more. It can be a big step toward living the best life possible no matter what challenges you’re facing.

Take this chance… You are worth it!

A few important things to remember:

It is a process; not a quick fix. Progress is faster for those who actively participate and are willing to help themselves. Passivity will take you nowhere.


About Tanu


Choosing Psychology as my major in college was a decision that came very easily since I was always inclined towards helping others.

My journey in this field was further enriched when I completed my Masters in Clinical Psychology. Over the years, I’ve attended many workshops and training programs to keep abreast and updated with the newest approaches and therapies.

The recent most feathers in my cap are completing the Advanced Practicum in RE-CBT (Rational Emotive – Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) from the Albert Ellis Institute (AEI), New York, USA and the Advanced-Applied training in RE-CBT with children and adolescents from the same institute.

Experience and Approach

When deciding on a therapist, it is especially important to feel a connection with the one you choose. My approach is caring, warm, and collaborative…

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Individual therapy is a process through which clients work one-on-one with a trained therapist – in a safe, caring, and confidential environment.


Many children experience emotional difficulties while growing up. Sometimes, they display attention-seeking behaviours, and at times they avoid social activities completely, refusing to even go to school.


Many couples feel that therapy is a sheer waste of time, effort and money but the truth is, a relationship sometimes needs a third perspective.


Families often bring up the most intense emotions we experience. Each person within the family is essential and even if one member is in pain, the family as a whole will be in pain.


The transition from being a child to a teenager is not exactly the easiest. You look different, feel different and are also expected to behave differently!

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