Color : Pearl, Brown

Size : 36″, 48″, 56″

Euro Delux

Size: 45″,56″
Colour: Pearl, Off-White, Brown


Size: 45″, 56″
Colour: Off-White, Brown

Hi Breeze

Size: 45″,56″
Colour: Pearl, Off-White, Brown


Size: 45″
Colour: Chocolate-Pear-Silver
Golden Eye, Maroon-Silver
Silver Grey-Charcoal-Gold
Silver Grey-Rich Grey-Gold
Copper-Green Gold-Cherry red
Golden Eye-Choco Brown-Beige
Golden Eye-Copper-Antique Gold
Pearl Metallic-Silver Grey-Charcoal

HS Decorn

Size: 45″,56″
Colour: Off-White, Brown


Size: 45″,56″
Colour: Pearl, Brown

O Leo

Size: 45″

Colour: Antique Gold, Rich Gray, Sand Stone, Twinkle Brown, Pearl Metallic


Size:36″, 45″, 56″
Colour: Pearl, Off-White, Brown, Black, Slver Vola, Maroon, Silky Gray


Size: 45″
Colour: Pear-Ash Grey, Choco Brown, Matt Gold, Golden Eye, Matt Copper


Size: 45″, 56″
Colour: White, Black & Golden Eye

Zolta Bullet

Size: 24″
Colour: White & Brown

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