How long does therapy take?

As every individual is different, every journey is different. So there is usually no set length for therapy. It can last anywhere from one session to several months or even years. It begins and ends with you – whether it is the rate of the progress you make, your response to therapy or the duration of your therapy.

How often do I come to therapy?

The process of therapy is about promoting change and it takes regularity and consistency to encourage growth. In my experience, it works best when clients attend weekly or bi-weekly sessions.

How long does it take to see results?

That will depend on your goals for therapy and your motivation to make efforts to achieve those goals. However, to evaluate your progress, ask yourself:

  • Is my life changing for the better – at work, at home, with my friends?
  • Am I meeting the goals I set with my therapist?
  • Do I feel like I understand myself better?
  • Am I more confident?

How will I know if you are the right therapist for me?

The connection you have with your therapist is extremely important. It can make all the difference in your progress. Ask yourself:

  • Does my therapist genuinely care about me and my problems?
  • Does my therapist accept me for who I am?
  • Do I feel that I can be open and honest with her?
  • Does she listen without criticism or judgment?

How can I set up an appointment?

The best way to set up an appointment directly is by telephone. You can call me and we can decide upon a convenient time to have a phone discussion. You may also get in touch with me using the inquiry form.

How long is each session?

I offer sessions of 45 minutes each. Also, I recommend that clients attend these sessions at least once a week.

Do you do sessions by phone or by Skype?

Yes. If situation demands, I do a session by phone or by Skype as well.

What are the rules of confidentiality?

The relationship between the therapist and client is confidential. In exceptional cases of a client being in danger to themselves or others, confidentiality may be broken to ensure the safety of all involved.

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